At Smart Stuff, we are all about bright, colourful art smocks and library bags that children love to wear and use.

Our art smocks are easy to use by children of all ages and we have wonderful colours and designs which your children will love.  They are perfect for school as they are easy for little ones to put on and take off. If you are into arts and crafts at home, or perhaps have a little one who loves messy play, then our smocks are ideal.  The extra thick front panel offers great protection against paint and glue but our smocks still have to soft feel of fabric.

We have a great range of sizes with smocks available from size 2 all the way to size 12-14.

Our range of matching library bags are sure to delight.

We can also supply smocks in class sets for schools and playgroups.

Please get in touch via our contact page if you have any questions.


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