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In The Beginning

Smart Stuff began in 1996 when mother of three, Lorretta Brick, noticed that most school-aged children were simply wearing one of Dad's old shirts, which offered no effective protection of their uniforms. Lorretta's own children, on the other hand, loved the brightly coloured art smocks she had made for them. And their clothes were protected! And so Smart Stuff began.

The Solution

Our art smocks come in colourful kids' designs. They don't use buttons, elastic, or ties. A split up the back means they are easily put on and taken off by children of all ages. The front panel of our art smocks is a coated fabric which offers great resistance to paint, water and glue. Our aim has always been to produce quality, affordable art smocks that children love to wear.

Library Bags Added

We realised library bags were in demand as well. So we decided to offer library bags that matched the design of our art smocks. Now your child can have a matching set. Items are also available individually of course. 

Our Business

Smart Stuff has been selling art smocks and library bags to schools, kindergartens and similar organisations throughout Victoria, Australia, since 1996. With the introduction of our website some years ago, our art smocks and library bags became available worldwide.

Ethical Clothing Australia Accreditation

Effective August 26th, 2013, Smart Stuff is proud to announce we are fully accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Our products have always been made in Australia and we are proud to be able to say that no workers are exploited in the process: all workers receive fair pay and conditions.