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Smart Stuff began in 1996 after I realised that my child was one of only a few who were still clean after a particularly messy art class.  (The culprit on this occasion was PVA glue.)
I had always made my children  bright and colourful art smocks which they loved to wear.  Apparently others were not so keen on the plastic ones they were supposed to wear, or indeed one of Dad's old shirts just didn't protect their clothes. 
And so from that simple observation Smart Stuff began.
We have come a long way from then but the basis of our business has not changed.  We are all about quality children's art smocks in designs and colours which they love to wear and which protect their uniforms and clothes - leaving them free to create and get messy!
All our Smart Stuff smocks feature an extra thick front panel to protect against paint and glue but they still have the soft feel of fabric - and are machine washable too. There are no buttons, elastic, or ties,  so NO mending!  A split up the back means they are easily put on and taken off by children of all ages and we make them in sizes from 2 to 12/14 - because it doesn't matter whether they are big or small - all kids love to make a mess! 
We now have a range of bright and colourful Library Bags too.
All our products are Made in Australia and we're very proud to be able to say that Smart Stuff is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. This means that all workers involved in producing our 'Stuff' receive fair pay and conditions.


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